Why use Teca Tek?

TecaTek is a system of non slip decking designed and installed by Sailors for Sailors. TecaTek is ideal for sailing and power boats from RIBS to Super Yachts:

We offer options to fit in with your requirements and budget

The cost and time effective way to benefit from a simple but practical TecaTek deck is to buy pre made panels from our panel service Dekkit Fácil. Take a look at our new website www.dekkit.es for more info.

The easiest way to achieve the Professional look. Simply fill in the Form and if possible send us drawings with dimensions (and photographs if available) of the areas for the installation of TecaTek. We will then prepare quotations for you with our recommendations and options. If this is not possible we will visit your boat and take the dimensions on which we will base our quotation

On acceptance of the quotation we will do all the hard work from templating to installation which will be carried out by our Professionals. Nothing could be simpler.

See our Gallery to see how expertly installed TecaTek will look on your boat.

See the Gallery for examples of the different levels of installation

1/ Functional Installation Our Functional Installation maintains all the important features such as non slip, minimum maintenance and easy cleaning but without the detailed finishing of the Traditional Installation. The Functional Installation has NO margins or caulking around any of the boarders giving a clean and uncluttered appearance without visibly breaking the in built caulking lines. TecaTek being a synthetic material does not suffer from the deteriorating effects of water and weather so it is NOT essential to enclose the end grain of the planks with margins.

2/ Hybrid Installation Our Hybrid Installation uses margins where they will be a feature that will add to the aesthetics of the deck. Your experienced installer will decide where margins are appropriate but if you want to be involved in the decision this must be discussed and agreed before the estimate is prepared.

3/ Traditional Installation Our Traditional Installation closely replicates the look of a classic teak deck. When using real hard woods for marine decking it is crucial to minimize the amount of exposed end grain in order to prevent rotting and premature failure. For this reason most real teak decks use a margin or frame boards to seal the end grain of the decking planks. Essentially this means that margins have to be used around the entire perimeter of the deck and all hatches. This requires skilled work and time but the finished result, especially on Traditional boats is often worth the extra time and cost.